Sell My Property Quick


How quickly can I sell my house?

We can arrange the sale of your house in a matter of a few days to ensure that you are freed from the hassle of getting your house using the slow traditional methods. We will work with you to determine your timescales and work towards meeting your targets.

What type of property do you buy?

We buy most property, including commercial and residential. Most of the sales that we deal is a mix of residential and commercial property.

Sell Property Fast

Does my property have to be in a specific condition?

We don’t usually have a criterion that defines the type of condition a property should be in to buy. We usually buy property in most conditions to give you the seller achieve a fast sale on a wide rage of properties.

How much do you charge for the sale of the property?sell house

Unlike estate agents, we do not charge you anything to sell your property. Because you are dealing with us direct, there are no “middle men” involved and hence no commissions or charges associated with the sale.

What areas do you buy in?

We buy property across the UK and cover all regions. There are no geographic restrictions

Can I rent the house back if I sell the property to you?

Yes, we have a rent back plan that allows you to rent the property from us and remain in the same property for a period that we will agree with you. This type of agreement alleviates the g\huge stresses associated with finding a new house after the sale.

How quick can the sale process start?

The whole process can start as soon as you contact us and we will start work on the sale immediately to help you with releasing equity from your house . We are in the business of helping you move quick so we don’t have any unnecessary long procedures.

sell property

We are here to help make the sale of your house as easy as possible.

Contact us if you have any other questions.